How Does Music House Work?

At Music House, the musical experience is tailored to the needs, readiness and interest of the individual. The presence of a piano, autoharp, recorders, drums, glockenspiels, assorted percussion and more creates a sort of musical island, where the child is free to choose any type of musical activity for as long or short a time as she wishes. She may ask for help or not, change activities without notifying the teacher and use the musical equipment without needing to ask permission.

In such an individualized approach each student’s experience is different; therefore there is no such thing as a “typical” lesson. However, if you would like to meet some students, you will get a better idea of the kinds of things than can and do happen in this environment.

If you feel inspired by now to rethink your own musical self-image, these experiments will help you begin exploring your musical self.


A Musical Island

Some Activities

Meet Some Students

Exploring Your Musical Self