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This post was inspired by a woman named Mary who reached out to me re the possibility of working with a couple of deaf children. Trying to research what this would involve, I came upon this. Brilliant perspectives.

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At the Union Square farmers’ market today I saw stand after stand of storybook-perfect-looking veggies until I got to the stand with a sign: “Certified Organic.” These veggies didn’t look storybook—or maybe just a different story. The carrots, for example. Not a single straight, shiny, ready-for-an-evening-out one among them. All sizes and twisty shapes, uneven colors, some sprouting […]

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Playing Jingle Bells in the usual arrangement of notes was just too easy for Nicky, so he came up with another idea. Nothing like a little challenge to rejuvenate interest! LabNickJB

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No xylophone at home, eh? You can try one out on your computer here:

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Who decides which music is “good” or “bad?” More to the point, who decided that  we should accept these judgements at all?! I suspect that bestowing these labels serves the needs of those who need to label and does not at all reflect the reality of music. The essence of music lies in its power to affect (emotionally, I’d add), […]

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“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” —Albert Einstein We are ALL musical, but in different ways. We music teachers would do well to revisit our roles of inputting information, and instead consider helping […]

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Musical success Yogis say that the measure of a successful yoga practice is not whether you can turn yourself into a pretzel or get you head to your foot or execute the perfect handstand, but whether you are able to integrate your practice on the mat into your life and make it work for you. […]

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This reminds me that I’d really like one for Music House!

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Seven-year-old A. came back from her family’s trip to Vietnam Wednesday, and, to my surprise, showed up at her session with me on Thursday. Since for her it felt like 4 AM, she was too tired to do anything but share her newest song, “I’m So Desperate,” a lament about the frustrations of unrequited love […]

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Here is Tamara Volskaya, world-reknowned mandolin virtuoso, performing Saint-Saens iconic “Introduction and Rondo Capriccioso”  on the Russian domra. This is perhaps my all-time favorite performance of this piece on ANY instrument. Who knew such things could be?  Click here.