Private sessions



Private sessions

Music House Weekly

The quintessential Music House experience! A musical “island” full of instruments and activities, equipped with your own personal “Genie” (the teacher) to help you discover your “Inner Musician.”Here you will be able to:

  • Choose your activities from a menu of musical options and set your own pace

  • Tailor music learning to your needs, interests and readiness

  • Learn to play by ear, improvise and understand music theory

  • Explore a wide variety of instruments to discover which ones you might be interested in learning

  • Acquire the tools and experience to enrich your life through musical involvement

  • Feel inspired by every session

  • Develop musical competence and confidence

Ages four and up

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Music Plus

Have you always fancied yourself a guitarist? Maybe you see yourself “Tickling the ivories” on the piano? Or perhaps working toward playing the Mendelssohn Violin Concerto? Whichever instrument is your potential soul mate, Music Plus will get you started in a unique way.Music Plus offers lessons to students beginning piano, guitar and violin. The goal is to develop not only the instrumentalist, but the musician. Not only will you study your instrument: Your learning will be enhanced through a variety holistic experiences.You will:

  • Explore instruments related to your instrument of choice
  • Discover the relationships among different instruments
  • Learn to play by ear
  • Discover how easy note reading can be when taught holistically
  • Learn about performers, composers and genres related to your instrument

Learn more about how this works specifically with the pianoguitar and violin

Ages five and up

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Eight Week Sampler

A holistic musical overview in eight sessions. each of which focuses on a specific aspect of music: You may choose a private session or gather up to six children together to form a group. Rates vary according to group size.Week by week:

  1. The Piano Keyboard: A Musical Map
  2. The Autoharp: The Magic of Harmony
  3. Improvisation: Creating As You Go!
  4. Comparing Instruments of Different Families
  5. Conducting: The Maestro With the Baton
  6. Introduction to Rhythmic Notation
  7. Introduction to Melodic Notation
  8. Composing: Rhythm, Rhyme, Repetition and Random!

Ages six and up

Sessions are one hour long.

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Coming soon…

Theme-based classes:Different aspects of music presented the “Music House” way

Small ensembles: Jam sessions, improvisation, orchestration, conducting and more…